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We own quality management systems in JAPAN

We provide the stable product that inspected with various equipment based on quality management system in JAPAN.
It's purpose for use with safety and without anxiety. Also, we inspect currently used powders at customer side.

picture : 測定装置1
Inspection report is available which distribution width measured by laser analyzing method.Relation of the measuring between Laser and Electrical resistance method are confirmed.
Therefore, we double check to stabilize our quality.
picture : 測定装置2
Electrical resistance method for distribution width or required distribution,
Relation of the measuring with Laser analyzing method.
picture : 測定装置3
Particle shape and coating shape are confirmed by SEM.
Each shipped product are checked and maintained to the stable quality.
picture : 測定装置4
Our own pulverizing method made possible to evaluation for mesh size and micron size. Therefore, comparatively verifying became possible between current used and our new samples.
Also, conventional hardness test as well
picture : 測定装置5
Flow particle imaging instruction for measurement of the shape and size of particles in suspension.