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Shoh Koh CO., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shoh Koh”) in regard to the personal information entrusted to us by our customers, based on personal information protection policy of the following, the protection of personal information, we will continue to thoroughly manage

Information collection and its use
Our company is the exclusive owner of the personal information entrusted to us on this site. By the different methods, which are disclosed in the Privacy Statement, or sell this information to others, it does not share them, also lend to. We will check your personal information from a user at a plurality of locations on this site. In addition, the Company in case you want to take your personal information, and to clarify the purpose of collection of personal information, personal information will be used only to the extent that we receive consent from the person the personal information you provide.
Contact Form
We are in the Contact Form, subject to various inquiries from our site users. In doing so, we will take your personal information for your answer and contact to the user (such as your name ・ E-mail address). All messages from your users to is passed through the eye, we have to give as quickly as possible answer. This information is only used to answer directly to the questions and inquiries to the user. Absolutely is not able to use this information in other than its intended purpose.


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